Fresh Fruit vs. Smoothies

EACH OF THESE ARE 3 1/2 SERVINGS OF FRUIT. Which would you choose?

What will keep you full longer?
What will provide you with more nutrients and fibre?

So many people grab drinks like this to go WITH their lunch! In reality you would never eat an entire meal AND all this fruit in one sitting. While drinking these now and then isn’t going to be a deal breaker, consuming them daily is how people often end up consuming more calories than they realize while still not feeling satisfied (or full). A Lot of these “healthy” juices and smoothies are full of carbs and sugar BUT lack the same fibre, nutrients and vitamins as the REAL fruit. Don’t forget about volume! Can you image how full you’d be after all that fruit compared to the 450 ml smoothie? I’m not here to condemn fruit, sugar or smoothies! Enjoy these things! BUT be aware that the beverage you’re grabbing to drink with your lunch or for snack might be more than you bargained for. A snack for me could definitely be a banana, 19 strawberries or even an apple (not likely 1 ½ apples) but the chances of me eating ALL of these fruit for a SNACK is basically slim to none.

3 1/2 servings of fruit can look very different depending on how you choose to consume it.

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