What I pack when I travel

TRAVEL FOODS! I love trying new foods when I travel, but I also like to bring these ☝️ foods with me to help me stay on track. Tag a friend that travels a lot ?! .
Travel food list: Whey protein packs, raw nuts, collagen peptides, protein oatmeal, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, protein bars, probiotic bars, tea, vitamin c, canned tuna + rice crackers, turkey jerky. More details ⬇
PROTEIN: whey @kaizencanada, collagen peptides @vitalproteins
FATS: raw cashews, raw walnuts, chocolate covered sunflower seeds (@saveonfoods)
CARBS: protein oats @the_goodguru, probiotic bars @drinkwelo, protein
bars @rxbar
.Others: moroccan mint tea @twgteaofficial, vitamin c @emergenc
Not pictured: “Ocean’s SnacKit” tuna and rice cracker packs, turkey jerky @traderjoes and hand sanatizer because snack hands are clean hands ?✌️. .
The @the_goodguru protein oats contain 15 grams of protein per package and taste delicious. I also really enjoy the @drinkwelo bars are plant based, gluten free and contain less than 3g of sugar. When it comes to using my @vitalproteinscollagen, I like to mix a scoop into plain oats, smoothies or my yogurt to increase the protein content.

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