Why I don’t weigh myself anymore

2015 VS. 2017

Despite being leaner and healthier than at the beginning of my fitness journey I weight more now than when I started. Most scales just state a number, they don’t take into consideration your body composition (muscle, fat, etc.).

People get caught up in trying to be a “healthy” weight based on their height. In reality that ideal weight leaves out a lot of factors. In the past I was a very unhealthy 150 pounds. I didn’t work out, ate whatever and didn’t prioritize my health. Now, I’m 150 pounds, workout ~5 days a week, walk a lot, lift a lot and eat well. The scale doesn’t differentiate that.

Furthermore, the scale naturally fluctuates several pounds a day for most people because of things like how much salt you ate, if you’re constipated, hormones, fluid retention, alcohol consumption or medications.

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